Packing by Gender

Yes, Virginia, there is a difference not only in how men and women pack, but how they think about packing.

Both genders consider themselves to be very pragmatic about what needs be taken, what should be taken, and what will be taken.   Generally, this is an area where the differences cannot be over stated.

Unless a man is a real clothes horse, he won’t see the need to take more than what he wears at home, say for three days running.  Pragmatic –why lug big, or more heaven forbid, multiple suitcases around?  Why start “laying things out for the trip”, a month or more in advance?  And, even more to the critical point, why pay for an extra suitcase, much less than the primary one and contribute to the satisfaction of domestic airlines greed???

male packing

The savvy traveling woman is the reverse – the cost of an extra bag, or three, is negligible compared to what it would take in time, effort and monies to replace something at the destination that could have been brought from home – and never mind the concerns of the fit, style and if the clothing purchased abroad is non-GMO!  Pragmatic: No, we must be prepared for all contingencies, well prepared, well prepared in advance.  Then and only then can we get down to the pleasurable business of worrying about the journey, the weather once we arrive, how we will fare physically and a myriad of other very important things.

female packing

Without further whipping the long deceased horse, as a happily married male, who has enjoyed many journeys, near and far with my wife, I submit, that as in the great majority of circumstances, the combination of attitudes and practices renders the “Way things should be done”……and she’s right most of the time!~

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