A Wale(s) of a time was had by all

Unless you were intentionally driving from west England into Wales and knew that the River Severn was the border, (there’s no missing the bridge on the M-4), you wouldn’t notice any difference in the landscape.   And while on the subject of the bridge, “Good on whoever scrapped the tolls on using it!”

.River Severn Bridge

But even if you didn’t know you were leaving one country and entering another, if that can be said of any part of the United Kingdom, you won’t miss the signs-wales sign

– AND –

P5240104 (1).JPG                                                    So of course, we knew exactly where we were

One of great points of the day, was our visit to Raglan (Rhaglan in Welsh) Castle located just a few miles off the M-4.

P5240079.JPG  Warning: brief history lesson ensues:

Raglan Castle is one of the last true castles to be built in Wales. Its construction began in the 1430s by Sir William ap Thomas, the Blue Knight of Gwent who fought at the Battle of Agincourt with King Henry V in 1415.  Sir William’s family line, after his son William took the surname Herbert, flows through the ages following to include George Herbert, currently the 8th Earl of Carnavon.  So what?   He’s also the gentleman who is the current “tenant owner”  and inhabitant of modest little place called Highclere Castle – or more familiarly, “Downton Abbey”   Apparently, apples don’t fall far at all from the English trees.   But that’s not the only Herbert of note.   A later Lord Raglan, a Herbert, was also CIC of the disastrous British Army’s Charge of the Light Brigade….ultimately being beheaded for the little miscommunication…”Hof a league, hof a league, hof a league onward…..”(British accent with apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson).

The ruins, as extensive as they are, do not convey just how large this castle was…or how luxuriousraglan02.jpgraglan04.jpg

If ever you happen to be just driving into Wales, , the Castle is within 15 minutes from the River Severn and cost less than £15 for two for entry.


Other misc. photos from the day –


P5240085.JPGYou can lock me up, but don’t throw my phone in the briar patch, B’rer Fox



Visit this place and Wale away on your own!




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