A shift in the (art) wind….

I’ve been, since the beginning of my interest in whacking paint about on canvas, been primarily painting fish or landscapes.  I find the feel of both to have a lot in common – background to foreground transitions, textures and densities.

Lately though, I’ve begun to shift subject matter more frequently and am painting smaller subjects or at least a small part of a whole.  That’s likely what all painters do and come to recognize, at least if they’re not still life painters- the orange lying next to a knitting needle impaled ball of yarn.  So far, I’ve only done one of those, at the request of my Mom, a few red and yellow roses in a square glass jar.   Below is an example of what I’m writing about.  Two tree trunks, Leyland Cypress in  a mass of a couple dozen, in my back yard.  I was struck by the sky and fields beyond just peeking through breaks in the foliage  and the intertwining of the branches and their shadows.   This piece, measuring 20″X 16″, turned out to be a study for a 44″X 40″ work presently in progress.   Viva la revolucion.



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