Pieces of Pisces & Potatos

Ok, so not every day on vacation in a foreign country is loaded with adventure….sometimes it is the familiar and even the items a nation is famous for that re the best and most exciting thing that happens that day- like food!

As regards the U.K., most folks I know think of Fish and Chips as the national dish, probably having been around for centuries, like very many other things over here…….but no!   The pair were probably commercially introduced around 1863 in Lancashire  and caught on like crazy.

Winston Churchill called them “the good companions”. John Lennon smothered his in tomato ketchup. Michael Jackson liked them with mushy peas……(proving that MJ didn’t have ultimate good taste), mushy peas taste, to me, like left over wallpaper paste!

fish and chips

So our big gas for the day was driving from Somerset down to Poole, on the coast,and getting Fish and Chip right on the quay – what could be fresher than that?

Our order was taken a nice, young guy in a Brooklyn, NY tee shirt –

Him:  “whattillbe?                                                                                                                                Me:   “Fish and Chips and a side of fish and a side of fish cakes and two drinks”                    Him:  That’ll be 11 GBP                                                                                                                  Me:   “Great..btw, did you ever live in  Brooklyn?”                                                                Him:  “Nope, but I went on Hols (holidays) to Spain once .”                                                      Me:  So how’d you get the Brooklyn shirt?”                                                                                      Him:   “The booth ’round the corner sold it to me, innit?”                                                            Me:  “How about the next time I come down here, I bring you a shirt from the actual Brooklyn, NY, USA?”                                                                                                                               Him: (pumping fists in air, doing a little booty shaking dance, and chanting like he was at a Soccer game or he was Matthew McConaughey on meth:  “Allright, allright, allrighttttttttt!!!”   “I’m gonna give you a discount – howz bout 8 pounds???”                     Me:   (in my best Matthew Mcanaughey voice), “All right, all right, all right!”

Tomorrow:   Kernow, Cornwall or the Great Southwest

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