Travel and Art with Max Bowermeister

The Art of the Stay

I’ve written many times about our preferences about where and “how” we generally lodge when we are centrally located to the sites we want to visit.   Though we don’t mind staying in hotels for short stays, once we exceed four or five nights, we much prefer staying in a rented home.  And we have had some excellent side benefits from doing so.  Since we not infrequently travel with friends or family, a home stay, or in the cases of our last two visits to the U.K., a renovated barn stay, gives us the space and sense of sharing that very few hotels ever could.   And further, we’ve made some good friends with some of our “landlords”, Simon and Claire in Pewsey, Wiltshire and now Tonya and Chris in Horsington, Somerset.    Si and Claire aren’t currently taking short term renters, but Chris and Tonya of Lois Barns, still accept qualified short leases.   And their rental space is first class and genuinely, a “home away”.    For more information, including contact details, go to this website:

I knew when we first booked for this trip, last December, and after pouring over the photos on the web, that I would like to paint one or more views of the property.   So here’s the piece of the back of the renovated barn.


The reality………


The impression



8X10″ acrylic on canvas board

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