The stay’s the thing

We were in Bath, England, (that’s Baahth if you’re pronouncing it in the British manner), today, right down on the River Avon.  Being on the very waters that Shakespeare bathed, had his close washed in and used as a privy, put me in mind of some of his best remembered phrases, which I have shamelessly changed for my own use above!

I’ve stayed in some megalithic hotel properties and slept in places high in the Andes that some folks wouldn’t board their dog in.  I really don’t care for glass and chrome, unless I have to stay in such a place.  Typically, when we travel, we’ll rent a house outside of town and have a much better stay all the way around than in hotel or motel.

This trip to the U.K., we’re staying in a pig barn.    How modest of us – but not really-joke!

I cannot highly enough recommend, to those seeking shelter in the Southwest of England, booking lodging with Tanya Peatroy at Lois Barns, just outside Wincanton.   Our lodging really was a pig barn, but has been very nicely converted to very comfortable and relaxing lodgings for hire.P5100156.JPG

Lois Barn rental

The barn sleeps six in three king bedrooms, with a full bath and another with a roomy stand alone shower stall.  Attention has been paid to every detail and lodging sports the original beams in the two upstairs bedrooms and in the living room, which is fitted with a  nice little fire place.

Not only is the barn very comfortable, free from traffic noise, but has great neighbors!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Just now there are 30 ewes, each with twins in the pasture right behind the house, and instead of being awakened by the blat of motorcycles, we wake gently to lambs playing. (No, there is no silence, they are all very much vocal).

Good lodging is the foundation of a great trip and we have it here.

If you’d like to explore a stay at Lois Barns in the Somerset are of England, get in touch with Tanya Petroy at the below information:

01963 371329
07711 423456

Next up:  From Bed, Bath, and Beyond

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