Good old British Manners

Every journey has a few bumpy spots…we hit ours about 4 minutes after we picked up our rental car…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In my very best southern, American,  accent, “Well, whut happened was….”.   We picked up our shiny new Citroen Picasso C4, which for a smaller “economy” car is very roomy and deceptively wide.  So wide in fact,  that 1/2 mile from the Budget Car Rental facilty at LHR,  I, (perhaps), struck one of the very many little islands out in the roadway for no apparent reason.     This minor, glancing swipe against the curb, shredded the tire.

So, being the experienced travelin’ man that I am, having gotten the car damage insurance, called Budget up and VEE OH LAH, 1/2 hr. later, Cockney Chris showed up.


Chris was a pro, pure and simple.  He had this amazing van, with all the cool pneumatic tools, including a machine to dismount the ruined tire and mount the brandy-new one on the wheel right in the back of the van.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Twenty minutes after Chris arrived, the new tire was mounted, balanced and we were on our way.  Moral:  Be like Chris, show up, be a pro, do the job and help folks out.   Kudos!

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