Good old British Manors

One of the most common reasons people visit the U.K. is to take in the sense of history, of longevity, and of human endeavor that is connected with grand structures.  At times, these edifices are grand and at other times grandiose.  Which may depend on how you feel about those who have, and do, live or work in such buildings.   One of our personal favorites is Highclere Castle, mistakenly thought by many Americans as               “Downton Abbey”.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                 Carrolle, Sue and GeorgeEdwina (Buddy) tread the path the Crawleys trod

Just as imposing and even more majestic in their own right, are the massive trees, Cedars of Lebanon,  primarily planted over 300  years ago.  Not in the age range of sequoias perhaps, but just as amazing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA               One of the 50-60 remaining Cedars of Lebanon thriving at Highclere

Highclere was yesterday. Today, after a full night’s sleep – not just suggested, but bodily mandated after the previous night’s flight from BOS to LHR, a less ambitious, but just as rewarding was our quick drive to Shaftesbury.  The town is first best known for the view from the top of Gold Hill –OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The views from the hilltop are genuinely spectacularOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And finally, just before winding back to our rented barn near Wincanton, we had to also walk the way of those who had gone before…………OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA               *(I was the barefoot one, but had to run down to snap the shutter….)


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