A quick note on why “The Return of Carson”

I’ve gotten a slew of email, if one email can be a slew, on what the title of this E-rant is The Return of Carson.   Some may recall that during our last trip to the U.K., during which I was sucked into being a fan of Downton (not Downtown) Abbey, I blogged about the trip, as we jaunted around Wiltshire and the Cotswolds – that blog, “Just Ring Carson”, obviously, referred to the venerable butler in the Masterpiece show, Charles Carson.   The blog enjoyed a modicum of readership and so, a continued reference seemed in order, especially since we will be again visiting Highclere Castle.

Steady on, Carson!  The actual fact is, I bear a striking resemblance to the inestimable Jim Carter, who plays Carson in the series – so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice….

“You, sir, are so very downstairs!”

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